At Stock Logic our mission is to give our members the edge in their trading Strategies. We provide a Stock Scanner that benefits a whole range of Investors whether you are a Day Trader, Swing Trader or longer-term investor in the Stock Market.

Our Stock Scanning Services provide options of Real-Time or End of Day Data so that you can plan your strategies. React to Stock Prices as they happen or when the Trading Volume is there to provide liquidity helping you to make profitable trading decisions.

Stock Logic gives you cutting edge technology to rival the Professional Hedge Funds. We allow you to use such indicators as Moving Averages, Volume, Intraday specific criteria to filter so you can build relevant watchlists for list of stocks that meet your criteria.

We allow you to use filtering in conjunction with Market Events to alert you in Real-Time. You can act upon and profit from price action and build your Trading Platform reserves by giving you more trading opportunities.

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We allow our members to enter their own data parameters. If you are fundamental analysis trader, technical analysis trader or a mixture of both, our indicators and charting software ensure you have the cleanest view in order to make your trading decisions as clear and logical as possible

Are you a Short, medium or long-term trader? A bull or a bear? We have Stock Screener and Scanner options that suit your needs. We will alert you in real-time both visually & audibly so that you can immediately take advantage of price action.

We have a number pre-set strategies that you can monitor. Our comprehensive user guide will allow you to get the most out of our platform.

Our screener platform is available as a dynamic web product that allows you to get the most from the service whichever operating system you may use.

Our mission starts with giving you the edge but this is only the beginning of our journey. We will regularly add features to increase your success and you will see the Stock Logic Platform as an integral tool in your daily routine.

We will add Education, integral trading features and will be the premier trading and investment service for the retail investment community.

We believe the exciting times are just beginning and we hope to be an integral part of our members success whatever your trading strategy.