Welcome to the Beginning of a Successful Trading Career!

Welcome to the Stock Logic blog. In this section of the website you’ll find articles and posts that we think you will find useful as a home trader. If you haven’t already done so, sign up to our email list as most of our content is delivered via email.

Since you have landed on our site I can tell already that you are a person seeking to make a profit from trading in the stock market or forex. Well you have come to the right place. We certainly won’t be trying to flog you one of those silly systems were they promise you to make thousands every week on autopilot. Most of those systems never work and we know that, therefore we won’t be recommending them here.

Instead we aim to provide you with a good foundation for a long term future as a home trader. Far too many people will fall flat on their face at the first hurdle in trading, mainly because of losing hope after a few losing trades.

Losing trades is all part of the game in stock market investing. It’s just something you’ll have to get used to. Even the best stock market traders will lose trades moreso than they will win trades. It’s those few winning trades that will see you through the losses incurred during the times when the market goes against you.

Here at Stock Logic we will do all we can to train you and adjust your mindset to that of a successful home trader. Remember only around 10% of traders actually make money in the long run, and we want you to be one of those types of traders. If you haven’t already done so, join our email list on the homepage.